System Rules Applied

Advances in thinking and planning can provide managers with a radically better and more insightful means of breaking free from less than optimal organizational performance and injecting innovation into their solutions and delivery mechanisms.

From clear and straight..

The breakthrough comes from changing our mental models and leveraging advances in systems thinking.

We need to change. That clear and simple road to success — “understand your customers needs; build to those needs and deliver it effectively and you made it”— has evolved. complex and Interoperating

Today, each enterprise faces a much more complex and interactive environment, each part of which could effect his success directly or indirectly.

For example in the information technology industry:

  • Moore’s law continues and new technologies continue to appear, molt and change constantly.
  • New and more effective channel and delivery models can change and totally bypass established means.
  • Emerging standards, either defacto or published, can make or break products and directions seemingly overnight.
  • Companies that collaborate and partner in one instance compete in the other.

And as well as a manager understands each of these factors independently – technology, channel, standards, competition, the key to success lies in understanding the way they interact together.

System Rules directly address this challenge and offers a means for those who are motivated to collaborate on better ways to apply systems thinking to the real world. Read more: What can I get from this?


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